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Should you hire a birth photographer?
Gillette, Wyoming Doula, Kaci Jensen
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Passion! I am a passionate photographer and I strive to capture images of emotions, connections, and the sweet innocence of new beginnings. A photograph is a treasure and I take this responsibility very seriously and with great passion!


Jenny Lee

So this is the part where I tell you about me. Little ol' me, but rather than bore you with a ton of details I thought I would make a little list of some things you may find interesting about me. 

  • First, I want to share with you that I love Jesus. He is my savior and without him I'd be lost.
  • Before my hubby and I had children I was an elementary teacher.
  • I now homeschool our 4 kiddos.
  • Our youngest, our baby, has down syndrome, and although there are many people with construed ideas about DS I'm here to tell you he is a fabulous little guy.
  • Our two oldest are girls and they were natural hospital births back in Hastings, Nebraska. I went through back labor with our first as she came out sunny side up. Ouch! I was induced with our third child, our first son. He was two weeks late. That little turkey just wouldn't come on his own. Our 4th, and last, child was born at home in the water. It was an amazing water birth! 
  • Healthy super food smoothies and bone broth are my go to for breakfast. I try to stay healthy, but trust me I sneak my share of sweets in too. After all I did grow up with parents that owned a bakery.
  • I am, as I say above, passionate and I will give you my all as your photographer. 
  • So now that you know a little about me scroll down and fill out that contact form and request a free consultation as I would love to get to know you!