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Should you hire a birth photographer?
Gillette, Wyoming Doula, Kaci Jensen
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Should you hire a birth photographer?

Hiring a photographer is a very personal decision. No one can make that decision for you, but I hope these personal stories that are given from the mamas below might help you in making the decision. 

Bringing life into this world is a monumental moment as a wife and a woman so having a photographer to capture it was always something I knew I wanted. As a woman there's nothing more raw and beautiful than bringing life into this world and to have images that capture the amazing events leading up to holding your brand new baby is absolutely priceless. I wouldn't dare leave that immense responsibility to my mom or husband and their cell phone cameras. I cherish the images I got from Jenny of our son's birth and I look back at them quite often when I'm feeling down about something. Looking at them and seeing myself in those moments of pure pain, exhaustion, elation and love as our sweet boy was entering the world, remind me that I am amazing. If I can get through giving birth then I can get through whatever is bringing me down at that moment. To me, those photos are more than just documenting an event, they are reminders of what I am capable of. When I start to lose my inner confidence those pictures always bring me back. I wouldn't trade them for the world. I have a favorite photo of myself from my wedding day. My hair is perfect, my makeup is on point, my dress is stunning, everything is in place and perfect. But that image isn't close to an accurate representation of me. My favorite photo of myself from my son's birth is me in a black sports bra, my hair is up in a messy bun, in a tub of water in my bedroom holding my son on my chest who is just seconds old, my husband smiling behind me and I've got my ugly cry face happening. But I'm crying out of sheer joy because I had a successful home birth and it was over and I did it! I don't think I've ever seen myself look so beautiful. That's the real me. That's what you get with birth photography. 

-Elly Henning


Birth photography is about telling the story of the miracle of life and love.


I chose Jenny to be my birth photographer because I knew I wanted those tender moments captured. I knew that I wanted these images, but being in labor is highly personal. I was nervous and had fears of being so open with anyone besides my spouse, but I desperately wanted to remember how my husband looked seeing his son for the first time, to physically see the love he showed me and how he carried me through labor... and every detail in between. I knew I had to find someone I trusted, who has warmth, grace and knew how to be unassuming, quiet and calm. Jenny is perfect for that. She’s extremely discreet and quiet. When you meet with her, she has a quiet nature and soothing, calm voice. Honestly, I didn’t notice she was in the room! When she gave me my images, I was in awe! She captured each detail perfectly and tastefully. I had no problem sharing my birth story and pictures because there was nothing embarrassing, even my mother in law noted how tasteful my portraits were. Labor and delivery is raw, powerful, and empowering, so to open up and allow that to be captured, is well worth it. I’m so incredibly thankful for my birth images. I will cherish them for life.

-Renee Edwards


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